We live in a time that has lost the purpose of  the church.  People want to be entertained. Preachers have become self-help comedians.  Multi-media has replaced the preaching of God’s word.  Churches are removing evening and mid-week services.  “Seeker sensitive” has become the word of the day.  The church has mutated and lost it’s purpose and power.  I would challenge you to consider Christ in your life.  Become “Savior sensitive”.  Understand that true Godly worship must be done in the Spirit and not the flesh.  Coming to services on Sunday morning should be about the Lord and not about me.  Seek to please God in worship, not myself.  This is why we still sing Godly congregational songs at MVBC.  We still read from the Word of God.  We still take time to pray.  We still take an offering for the Lord.  We still offer an invitation at the end of our worship, that you may respond to the work of God’s Word and Spirit.  Some might call us “old fashioned”.  I would call us “Biblical”.  Don’t get me wrong, we use technology, instruments, and other great tools that God provides, but we use them to worship Him.  Come see us.– Pastor Williams

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