What do we believe?


-The Bible is the inspired Word of God, complete and without error.† We hold to the King James Version as the preserved translation for the English speaking people.† The Bible is the final authority in all matters of doctrine and teaching.


-Salvation is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.† Nothing more, nothing less.


-Security of the believer is simple; once you are saved you are always saved.


-Baptism is by immersion in water and does not save, it indicates you are saved.


-The Church body is a local, independent, visible assembly of scripturally baptized believers.


-The Lordís Supper is for the membership of the Church body.


-The Godhead is composed of the trinity: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.


-Christ return is imminent as promised.† The rapture will occur introducing seven years of tribulation followed by the millennial reign of Christ.


-Soul winning and sharing the Gospel is commanded and taught for all believers.


-World outreach and missions are expressly commanded in Scripture as well.


-Prayer is communication with the Father and His children, again an important teaching of the Bible.


-The virgin birth of Christ is without controversy.


-The Genesis account of creation is literal and truth.


-Baptism and the Lordís Supper are the two ordinances administered by the local church.


This list is not comprehensive, but is provided to give our guest some insight to our beliefs.